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Welcome to my blog! 🙂  My name is Laura Jean Castelluzzo, yogi, acupuncturist, life coach, massage therapist, dancer, musician, artist, lover of life and all good things, especially green things.  My intention with this blog is to share insights, lessons, experiences and self reflection in order to inspire, edify, enlighten and educate anyone interested.  I intend to use a personal account of my life as well as stories, pictures and quotes from other people that have inspired and enlightened me… such as Tahwehdahqui, Ehkart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and other spiritual teachers.

My personal homepage is: LauraJeanC.com

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On to “getting started”…

I was reading in, The Power of Now, about surrender.  In this section of the book, Ehkhart Tolle discusses the BIG misconception that people think in order to surrender, one must give up and not progress.  This is not the case at all.  In fact, in order to progress it is important that one has a certain sense of peace and acceptance with what is.  This allows space for one to move forward.  Otherwise, it is a constant battle of being and feeling stuck. This is due to beating oneself up about not being happy with current circumstance and feeling helpless around those circumstances.  Whether you are blaming yourself or complaining about the current state of things, either way this is not productive and keeps you stuck where you are.  What blaming and complaining is the act of giving away your power.  In order to move forward, one has to have a sense of peace with what Is.  You can not change what Is, so why not accept it and be at peace with it.  That does not mean that you can not change what will be.  The very act of being at peace with what is, begins to change it.  Resistance to what is, is the greatest cause of suffering, and does the exact opposite of what you want it to do.  What you resist, persists.  By being at peace with what is, this opens up the energy, allows it to flow and make room for something new.

This is such a big topic, I’m actually having resistance to writing about it because I don’t want to leave anything out, which in my judgmental mind would “screw it up”.  However, I am not going to let this thought stop me.  This brings me to the element of getting started.

Sometimes we are so afraid of something not being perfect that we don’t ever start, or if we do start, we don’t finish.  Life is a practice.  We get good at what we practice, no matter what it is – meditation, writing, complaining, being depressed, laughing, yoga, playing an instrument, etc.  In order to get good at something you have to first begin, and then continue to practice.  I am fairly new to blogging.  I started this blog 2 years ago this month with the intention of publishing an entry every month, and so far have published four entries.  Why?  Many reasons.  I got busy with life and practiced other things.  The biggest reason however being why I never finished this particular post, the “welcome” post, which I meant to finish first.  I was afraid of doing it wrong, of it not being good enough, of leaving something important out.  Well cheers to letting go of that nonsensical unproductive thinking and behavior.  I am going to do the best I can with this and I can always go back and edit it later if I want to add or change something. (Note: currently editing it 6/26/2021, years later.)  The wonders of the internet do allow such things.  Thank God.  Now I have a new goal.  I am committed to publishing an entry when it flows for me to do so. 🙂

I encourage you to start whatever it is in your life that you want to do and have been afraid of not being good enough… and then finish it.  You can always change it later, or do it again better the next time.  It’s a learning process.  It has to start someplace.

“We get good at what we practice.” – Tahwehdahqui.  Giving thanks for Tahwehdahqui and the many lessons I have learned and continue to learn from him.  The latest being the use of the ho’oponopono prayer. “I love you.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.”

Humans often need to hear these words.  All of them.  WE need to hear these words in order to heal.  When we say something to anyone or anything it is coming back to us because everything is a reflection of us.  There are things that we have done in our lives that have led to us feeling shame and guilt.  It is most important in the moving forward on our paths to forgive ourselves first.  By saying these words, repeatedly, it creates a healing, a letting go – of guilt, shame, old hurt, old patterns.  It creates space and allows for new “stories” to come in…

We all have fear about not being good enough, or of being judged, or whatever the case may be.  The point is not to eliminate the fear, however it will decrease over time the more you practice moving through it.  So do just that, move through it.  Don’t let it stop you.  If it stops you then it won.  (If that’s where you are at, that’s ok.  Try again another time and be at peace with it.)  Fear is simply another emotion like anger that makes us feel alive.  IT IS AN ADDICTION. The more we realize this, the more we can just breathe and move through it, give thanks for it and let it go.  It is nothing more than something we made up in our minds.  However, don’t confuse this with intuition… which is a powerful tool in avoiding dangerous circumstances.

There are so many little nuggets in this entry that I want to write more about and I will, in time.  If there is anything that you would like me to write about, feel free to make a request.  I would love that.  Thanks for reading.  I pray that you feel inspired, enriched and enlightened.  Have a wonderful day and many blessings to you always.  More coming soon.

Cheers to getting started, and finishing things.  This was meant to be my first blog entry and is now my 5th, and that’s okay.  I do love the number 5.  🙂

Peace, Blessings and Namaste ❤


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